Venn Law Group attorneys have decades of experience working closely with the real estate related regulatory matters.

Our attorneys have worked closely with the North Carolina Real Estate Commission on many licensing policy matters, rule revisions, statutory revisions and education matters.

Venn Law Group attorneys, working with the Commission, were involved in the drafting and passage of the North Carolina Commercial Broker Lien Act. As well, Venn Law Group attorneys have served on Commission Advisory Committees, authored portions of the North Carolina Real Estate Manual (published by the Commission), worked at the Commission and authored annual mandatory education publications for the Commission.

This broad and deep knowledge and close working relationship makes Venn Law Group attorneys uniquely knowledgeable to advise real estate brokers, developers and brokerage companies on appropriate risk management policies for business and regulatory compliance. When things don’t go as they should, Venn Law Group attorneys are also capable and have more than 30 years of collective experience handling disciplinary inquiries and proceedings before the Commission. Venn Law Group attorneys have unsurpassed knowledge and experience in these matters and have a wide range of clients that seek our counsel, from individual brokers to large national commercial real estate services/brokerage companies.

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