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Business decisions and legal considerations constantly overlap.

Effective attorneys have a thorough understanding of both. At Venn Law Group, we work closely with each client to determine which legal issues are most relevant to their business, and then we focus at that crucial intersection. This approach enables us to solve problems efficiently, uncover opportunities, and build strong, long term relationships with our clients. Venn Law Group – the intersection of business, law, and relationships.

Our Practice Areas

Commercial Real Estate



General Counsel


Mergers & Acquisitions

Real Estate Administrative Law

Succession & Exit Planning

Our Philosophy

We believe that the best advice comes from strong relationships. A trusted advisor who knows you well will work harder to help you. Our mission is to be that kind of advisor. We invest the time and energy in knowing our clients and our community so that our clients are represented well.

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Who We Represent

Our law firm represents select businesses, business owners, and real estate professionals throughout the Carolinas. We strive to be the destination for clients who seek a sounding board and guide in their business and real estate pursuits. We aren’t attorneys who just answer the phone and take orders. We’re attorneys who listen to, talk with, and empower our clients.

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