At Venn Law Group, we represent small to middle market privately-owned companies across many diverse industries.

As many of our clients do not have in-house counsel, they rely on our experienced attorneys to provide timely and business-related advice regarding numerous day-to-day legal issues. The issues range from employee matters and simpler questions which can be answered quickly to more complex issues involving contract negotiations and business strategies.

There comes a time when every business needs the guidance and counsel of an experienced attorney and the legal expertise necessary to be certain the best decisions are being made. This may involve a decision to hire a new employee, to sign a new contract, or to make sure insurance actually covers what it is supposed to cover. It may also involve multidisciplinary transactional work and complex litigation.

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Many businesses (and their owners) overlook the value of having an experienced attorney “on-call” or believe an attorney is only needed once a lawsuit is filed. They may believe they know enough to handle most issues the business faces (because they haven’t had a problem yet). They may also misunderstand the value or actual cost of an attorney’s advice to avoid a problem vs. the cost to handle the problem.

Alternatively, they may spend significant sums of money on in-house attorneys and the associated overhead of research materials and support staff. While these attorneys may have a good general knowledge of business issues, it’s impossible for one person to know everything necessary about the legal issues the business faces. Every business needs to be able to rely on a team who can cover its needs.

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To meet this need, the team at Venn Law Group cover the day-to-day needs of businesses as well as the complex legal issues they face. Whether it’s a quick phone call to double check what you think is true or the development of new processes and documents as your business grows, we can help you.

Some of the normal issues we assist clients with include:

  • Human resource issues
  • Employment policies
  • EEOC and NCDOL investigations
  • Non-competition and restrictive covenants
  • Contract drafting, negotiations, and implementation
  • Agreements for vendors and customers
  • Leases
  • Disputes with employees, vendors, and customers
  • Business growth planning
  • Purchases and sales of businesses
  • Litigation management
  • Risk identification and management
  • I was thinking about . . . is that legal / a good idea?

We believe that the best advice comes from strong relationships; therefore, we invest the time and energy in knowing our clients and working with them to achieve their goals for today and beyond.

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