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Charlotte, NC-based business law form rebrands during an unprecendented year

Charlotte, NC, September 30, 2020 –We are pleased to announce that the business law firm, Bass Dunklin McCullough & Smith, PLLC is now Venn Law Group, This name change is part of our strategy to emphasize the strength of our capabilities, our growth, and our commitment to clients. While our name has changed, the mission of the firm remains the same. Our law firm represents select businesses, business owners, and real estate professionals throughout the Carolinas. We strive to be the destination for clients who seek a sounding board and guide in their business and real estate pursuits. We are attorneys who listen to, talk with and empower our clients.

What now?

Gary Smith, one of the five founding partners of the firm, states, “In 2014, we decided to create a different kind of law firm,–one that invests the time and energy in knowing our clients and our community so that our clients are well-represented. Our number one goal has always been to develop strong and lasting relationships with our clients. We believe that Venn Law Group is a natural evolution of our commitment to the power of common purpose.”

Why Venn Law Group?

A Venn diagram is an illustration that shows the common overlapping areas among otherwise different groups. Where there is overlap, these groups find relationships and the power of shared goals and objectives. We believe that attorneys need to have a thorough understanding of your business issues, as well as the legal considerations, to give you the best service for business owners. We work closely with our clients to focus on that crucial intersection of those issues. This approach enables us to solve problems efficiently, uncover opportunities, and build strong long-term relationships with our clients.

Venn Law Group: Clear Communication, Actionalable Advice, Timely Response

While this has always been our philosophy, we believe that our new logo and name more accurately represents us. It also serves as a reminder to ourselves, clients, and friends of our commitment and driving force.

About Venn Law Group:

Venn Law Group is a Charlotte, NC-based law firm that represents select businesses, business owners, and real estate professionals throughout the Carolinas. Core practice areas include commercial real estate, litigation, business/corporate transactions, mergers and acquisitions, tax, and employment law.